Sunday Morning Bible Study

We have some incredible BIBLE STUDY classes at Valley View. When faced with how to describe each group, we went directly to the groups themselves, asking them to tell you about themselves. Here are their introductions. WE HOPE YOU WILL COME AND VISIT US and see for yourself!


Morning Glory Small Group:

The Morning Glory small group is a group of women dedicated to the pursuit of a closer relationship with God while dealing with all the stuff that comes with being a woman.  Our weekly study is discussion-based and topics vary throughout the year.  We meet in the third room on the right as you enter the CLC, Room #105.

Circle of Friends Small Group:

This small group contains a core group of our most mature members. The group is facilitated by Mr. Terry Bennet. This group meets in the CLC in Room #104.

Spice of Life Small Group:

The best discription of the Spice of life co-ed small group was given by a fellow class member, Mr. Ervin Hamilton, when he said "This class is a little bit of God's best now, until we get ALL of God's best later". This small group meets in the CLC in Room #103.

Mary & Martha/Faithful Small Group:

The Mary and Martha / Faithful small group is a group of mature Christian women who enjoy the study of God's word, as well as the fellowship that comes from being in the company of other believers.  Members share a bond forged from their similar life experiences and their constant and long-time service in the church.  They have a deep love of Bible Study and a rich tradition as teachers in multiple age groups while serving in various churches over the years.  We welcome new members and/or visitors anytime. This small group meets in the Education Wing of the Sanctuary Building.

 The Kainos Small Group:

This small group started in September 2014 with new Believers, new Church Members, and those wanting a refresher course on the basics of the Christian faith and what it really means to be a church member. Service and genuine friendships are strong in this group. This small group meets in the CLC in Room #107.

Master Servants Group:

This small group is a co-ed class led by Mr. Kelly Easton. The material used is Lifeway's The Gospel Project. Group members vary in age from 30's and up. Adults of any age are welcome and they meet in Room #106 in the CLC.