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Senior Pastor

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Music Minister - Brian Voelker

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Co-Youth Minister - Mike Cable

Family: God has blessed me with a beautiful and brilliant wife, Terry.  We have been married for twenty-some years (I really do know).  We have four children who have grown through the Youth Ministry at VVBC all of whom are now married (two to other Youth btw).  We have two beautiful granddaughters so far…, and I must mention that there are a few grand-fur-babies.

How do I relax and have fun: I enjoy playing music, just about any instrument I can get my hands on.    Oh yeah, and I can’t forget reading, and napping, and eating pie and spoiling my granddaughters.

Favorite music: I grew up in the 80s so yeah, there isn’t really any better time period for music; I also listen to Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rock, Worship and even some Contemporary Christian if it’s not lame regurgitated Pop music with something about Jesus or God thrown in to try to sound all “Christiany” (is that a word?  It can be a word, right?).

Favorite food: Pie (please ask me, I’ll show you The List)

Ideal Vacation: Home with family is best but I’ll go anywhere I can get good pie…

Biblical Character: I like Samson because of his hair, and Balaam’s donkey is cool, because come on, it’s a donkey and he talks!  But Enoch is probably my favorite, he walked with God, and then he was not; for God took him…

What I like about VVBC: The love, generosity and fellowship, oh and some of the Youth are ok…

The Usual Stuff:

  • I am a 20 year Army veteran and currently work for the Army.
  • I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Leadership and Ministry at Louisville Bible College in 2010. 
  • I earned my Master of Divinity in Ministry at Luther Rice Seminary and have started my journey to achieving a Doctor of Ministry.

Co-Youth Minister - Tonya Vowels

Family: I have been married to Eric for 19 years .  He is retired from education and is a golf coach for North Hardin High.  We have two children, Caroline who is 15 and attends North Hardin High School and Charlie who is 13 and attends JTA Middle School. We also have an 8 year old labradoodle named Jack.

How do I relax and have fun: I love to shop--especially for SHOES!  I like watching television (favorites are Judge Judy, anything with aliens, and fictional crime shows--Columbo and Criminal Minds are two of my favorites).  I also enjoy Zumba class with Carrie Martin every (okay, most) Tuesdays and Thursdays in the gym at Valley View.  

Favorite music: I love all types of music.  I really enjoy songs that have a good message, good rhythm, and it's even better if they have both.  

Favorite food:  Junk.  (Zebra cakes, pizza, Lays potato chips, Big Red, cookies, fried chicken, peanut butter fudge... just to name a few of my favorites.) 

Ideal Vacation: I love to travel.  I enjoy going anywhere with shows or good entertainment of all kinds, museums or exhibits, good shopping, good local food, and a comfortable sleeping environment.  The beach is fine, but not a "must" for me.  As long as there is no "camping" involved, I pretty much like any type of travel.   

Biblical Character: Esther.   Her story shows that God sets apart women for his service in very special ways.  

What I like best about VVBC:  The YOUTH!  I love everything about them.  Traveling with them, hanging out with them, teaching them, singing with them, working alongside them, helping them, attempting to answer their questions, even getting pounded in the face (accidentally) with a dodgeball every once in a while.  While you will find young people at any church you attend, you will NEVER find a group of kids like we are blessed with at Valley View.  They are some of the most amazing people I know.  

 The Usual Stuff:

  • I have lived and taught high school in Hardin County for 24 years. 
  • I grew up in Campbellsville and Lebanon Junction and graduated from Bullitt Central High School. 
  • I am currently a chemistry teacher, science department chair and FCA sponsor at North Hardin High School.
  • I have degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, Education and Counseling from the University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University.  (BS, MA, Rank I, and National Board Certification)
  • I am also a professor of chemistry for Campbellsville University which allows me the opportunity to teach Dual Credit Chemistry to high school seniors at North Hardin High.

Pastoral Assistant - Traci Life

Family--Darin and I have been married 20 years.  We have two sons; Terrance is 17 and Brandon is 13.


 How I relax & have fun--I enjoy reading mysteries, walking trails around Freeman Lake, and movie or game nights at home with my family.  Occasionally I also tackle scrapbooking, painting projects, puppets & props, and quilting.


 Favorite Music--I love Contemporary Christian music.  Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Down Here, Third Day, Mandisa, Mark Shultz....the list goes on and on.  Basically I enjoy music with a great beat and even greater lyrics.


 Favorite Food--fresh fruit and chocolate


 Ideal Vacation--I love to be with my family.  So it does not matter if we are going a million miles a minute or not going anywhere in particular, as long as we are enjoying the adventure together.


 Biblical Character--Mary, the mother of Jesus


The Usual Stuff:

  • I grew up in Hardin County. 
  • I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Adminstration and Education at University of the Cumberlands. 
  • I received my Masters Degree in Business and Education at Eastern Kentucky University.
  •   I love serving in the Youth and Puppet Ministries at my home church, College Heights United Methodist In Elizabethtown